Front-end Designer/Skills Required To Be A Front-end Designer

Front-end Designer/Skills Required To Be A Front-end Designer
Front-end Designer

Designs are important to attract customers to your product. Don’t you agree with me? If not, then try to recollect the product which you purchased last time because you liked its design. That will tell you how important design is. But, do you want to know why am I telling you all this? Okay, let me tell you why. It is because today we are going to know what front-end design is and who a front-end designer is?

Website design and user experience are important factors for the success of a business. Front-end development helps in the flawless performance of a website. To achieve this, you need a front-end developer.

What is front-end design?

Front-end designs enhance the look of your website. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that makes up a user interface is called front-end design.

Who are front-end designers and why are they required?

Front-end designers are those who understand both pixels and engineering. Front-end designers master a variety of skills like the ones mentioned below.

  • They master UX principles and best practices.
  • They have a keen aesthetic sense.
  • They are able to write JavaScript.
  • They also understand the backend development process.

In simple words, front-end designers understand front-end development well. A person who is capable of creating creative designs and also understands the codes or the technicality required in creating a website will create a website that can give a good user experience. That is what makes a front-end developer unique.

Do you want your website to function well and look awesome at the same time? Well, then you need a front-end designer.

A front-end designer is a lucrative job and has a lot of demand, but you need to have specific skills to do this job.

Important Front-end Designer Skills

The primary coding languages which developers use to code the website and design the website are HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  • HTML – Hypertext markup language is used for creating web pages. This language is used as the foundation in creating web pages. Front-end developers should have good knowledge of HTML.
  • CSS – Cascading style sheets is used in the styling of the page which has been created using HTML. For example; the layout, color, font, text, etc.
  • Javascript (JS) – JS is also used in styling but at the advanced level. JS is actually used to embed animations, scrolling, inserting audios and videos, etc., into the webpages.
  • Frameworks – CSS and JS files that perform a variety of tasks with common functionality. These files are collected as CSS and JS frameworks. In this, the text document is started with a code file that has JS present on it. The best choice of framework depends on the kind of website you need to build.
  • Responsive design – Responsive design is designing the website in such a way that it gets adjusted to the screen in which the website is being viewed. With the increased use of mobile, responsive website design is the need of the hour. Front-end developers should have a good understanding of the coding principles for a responsive website design.
  • Version control – As you know coding is a complex language and if something goes wrong somewhere, then redoing the whole thing becomes a difficult task for developers. Version control helps in this process. This tool allows the developer to track and control changes in source code. If something goes wrong, then the developer can look into the changes made in the previous version and check the mistake, than redoing the whole thing again.
  • Testing and Debugging – If you do not want bugs to bother you, then as a developer you must be good at testing. Testing and debugging codes is an important skill that a developer must-have.
  • Website Performance – As the design is important for a website, so is the performance of the website. The loading time of the website is of utmost importance because the users will not wait on a website if it is slow in loading. Front-end developers must be skilled to address this issue. As a solution to this problem, developers use automation tools. These tools automate the web performance ability.


Website’s function and user experience matter a lot and if you need to give the best to your users, then a front-end designer should be part of your team. They are the ones who can help you in the flawless performance of your website. If you still do not have a front-end developer in your team, then it is time to hire one now!!

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