UIPEP provides highly qualified experts with profound expertise on Web Applications on Javascript Nodejs Frameworks, Apps, Real time applications. Let it be Nodejs MEAN.io,Sails,Socket.io or front-end technologies like Angular 1/2,ReactJs or BackboneJs. Where customize your stack based on your requirements we ensure to provide the best optimal solution for you with our flexible engagement models.

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Front end development frameworks


Angular is an open source framework supported by Google. Angular describes itself as an extension to HTML for building complex web apps.


React is mostly the V in MVC. It focuses entirely on that piece of MVC and disregards the architecture of the rest of your application. It provides a component layer that makes it easier to make UI elements and combine them together.


jQuery is the library that needs no introduction. It is single-handedly responsible for making cross-browser sites a reality and for bringing the web to where it is today.


Backbone is a famously simple framework that fits into a single JavaScript file. Backbone has been around for a while; developed by Jeremy Ashkenas from CoffeeScript and Underscore fame.


Dojo is an open source JavaScript framework. It offers many widgets, utilities and Ajax libraries to develop your application. It’s a great framework for developing Ajax based applications.


The predominant features of Knockoutjs are declarative bindings, automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking, and templating features. Relate your existing DOM elements with data models using simple syntax.

CSS frameworks


UIKit is a highly modular front-end framework stands out among most front end development frameworks for many reasons. Chief among them is the fact that it includes both LESS and Sass CSS preprocessors.


Like any effective front-end framework, Bootstrap includes CSS, HTML and JavaScript, or JS, components. It adheres to responsive web design standards, allowing you to develop responsive sites of all complexities and sizes.

Material UI

Material-UI is a set of React components that implement Google's Material Design specification. Loaded with ready-to-use CSS and material design-compliant components, Material UI is built on top of the LESS preprocessor.


Foundation is a highly advanced, enterprise-grade front-end framework that is ideal for developing nimble, responsive websites. Used on sites like Facebook, eBay, and Mozilla.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI is a modern front-end development framework, powered by LESS and jQuery. It has a sleek, subtle, and flat design look that provides a lightweight user experience.


The Materialize responsive front-end development framework also implements Google’s material design specifications and is loaded with ready-to-use buttons, icons, cards, forms and other components.

Visualisation libraries


D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS.


n3-charts is built on top of D3.js and AngularJS. It provides various standard charts in the form of customisable AngularJS directives.


Highcharts is another popular interactive charting library, and like many of the others, is based on HTML5/SVG/VML, meaning it requires no extra plugins.


Fusioncharts is one of the oldest JavaScript charting libraries, is highly compatible with older browsers like Internet Explorer 6.

Google charts

Google Charts is my go-to JavaScript library for creating charts easily. It provides many pre-built charts like area charts, bar charts, calendar charts, pie Charts, geo charts, and more.


BabylonJS is an open source JavaScript framework through which you can build and render 3D games within a browser, with the help of WebGL and HTML5.

Chat integrations & social media

About Front-end Development

Front-end development is the core of any client-side development. It helps designing the functionality and response of a website or an application in a more intrigue manner so that the user finds it exciting and entertaining in using such products. The goal of front-end development is to provide accessibility and performance.


  • Build new generation websites
  • Build a secure and stable high       traffic websites
  • Build fast and dependable real time       apps.

AngularJS for Front-end Development

AngularJS is developed by google which gives a whole lot of reasons to use it as a framework for front-end development because its comprehensive and similar to Backbone or JavaScript MVC. No other framework or help of a plugin is required to build a data-drivers web application as Angular helps in Data Binding and Dependency Injection allowing the flow of communication to be instinctive.

Our Process

  • Usability testing
  • UX strategy development
  • Production conceptualization
  • Provide next-gen user experience
  • Usability assessment &       improvements

Why chose us?

  • Our use of contemporary technologies.
  • Agile development communication methodology.
  • Open source expertise over multiple technologies.
  • Our passion towards continuous innovation and development.
  • Our proactive attitude to identify potential issues and bring up consistent solutions.

What UIPEP clients say?

  • UIPEP helped us scale our Front-end & key business logic tech implementation for a flagship project in Healthcare code named ASKVAIDYO. Their sense of ownership towards owning the delivery of the work products is truly admirable. We wish them the best with every customer.

    Karthik Bhat Co-founder, Dataphi Labs

Our works on Front-end Development