UIPEP provides highly qualified experts with profound expertise on Web Applications on Javascript Nodejs Frameworks, Apps, Real time applications. Let it be Nodejs MEAN.io,Sails,Socket.io or front-end technologies like Angular 1/2,ReactJs or BackboneJs. Where customize your stack based on your requirements we ensure to provide the best optimal solution for you with our flexible engagement models.

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The next-generation, NoSQL, database that lets you create applications never before possible.


A Node.js web application server framework, designed for building single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.


Programming platform for developing web and mobile applications.


A platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications.

Recommendation Engines

Recommendations engines are collaborative and memory based. It's a tool that allows the developers to use a algorithm which can predict a user on a list of given items. The recommendation engines are great part of websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Amazon.

Business Rule Engines

Business rule engines supports business users in creating and managing business rules with very less presence from the IT staff. It integrates flawlessly with the user existing IT properties for scalable enterprise class performance.

Cortana Analytics

Cortana analytics is publicising hadoop based cloud services like HD Insight using azure platform to enable the ability to run linux and HDP on Azure Virtual Machines. The cortana enables the backend data storage backdrop to process R-based statistical modeling services.

AWS Integration

AWS Integration helps programmers of devops software development ecosystem in merging their code which changes into a central repository regularly for carrying out automated tests and builds.

Machine Learning

Machine learning acts as the subfield of computer science allowing it to be a type of artificial intelligence that enables the system to focus on background learning when exposed to new data periodically and then allow it to act on its own insights.

Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence systems are often found in security ecosystems to help them track a moving target. It works by integration of video technology with analytical software that can run on networked devices with trailblazing IP camera in a computer supported computing device or in an embedded system.

Cyber Security

With the vast adaptability of latest technology and modernisation of usage of web applications designing an application with very minimal loop holes for any cyber breach is being the top priority. At UIPEP the application is developed with multiple layers which has in depth defence through security controls, assessing, reviewing and deploying effective strategy to avoid any specific threat scenarios.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is a fun application to use but it is the most high level security protocol that can be used in markets. UIPEP has experience in developing such scenarios in Node.js ecosystem to deliver products that are based on IOT backgrounds in IT industry. The face recognition application actually passes the test cases such as detect face positions, normalize the faces, collect features of each detected face, feed the featured to a machine learning algorithms to make the application complete.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a curve for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Custom Relationship Management (CRM) software application. UIPEP has experience in delivering such softwares into the industry depending upon the different business environments. UIPEP uses the latest technologies such as AngularJS and Mean.io to develop such softwares.

IBM Watson

IBM watson is a project environment on IBM's cloud platform which acts as a supercomputer combining artificial intelligence (AI) to a sophisticated analytical software to deliver optimal performance. These supercomputer is named for IBM's founder, Thomas J Watson. The IBM watson is now a developer community in the industry which acts as a multi channel AI.

UIPEP on Fullstack Development

  • Data modelling
  • Business logic
  • Market Intelligence
  • API development and integration
  • Backend architecture design and development

Why chose us?

  • Our use of contemporary technologies.
  • communication methodology.
  • Open sourAgile development ce expertise over multiple technologies.
  • Our passion towards continuous innovation and development.
  • Our proactive attitude to identify potential issues and bring up consistent       solutions.

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