D8amatiks Case study

About the Product:
Our aim is to make GDPR compliance accessible to everyone.


Our solution is an automated DIY GDPR toolkit for small and medium-sized businesses that is affordable and simple to use. Our automated DIY toolkit will empower you to set up a GDPR compliant data protection framework and help you to manage GDPR compliance on an ongoing basis without you having to engage costly external experts

What we did
We partnered with D8amatiks to launch their platform on the web, so they could reach new customers, increase engagement and grow their business.

How we did it

UX Strategy

Content Strategy

Information Architecture

UX/UI Design

Visual Design

Web Development

CI/CD User Testing

Deployment and Maintainence

Our Scope:

D8amatiks provided a framework for SMEs to become compliant with GDPR, and that includes multiple product lines. One takes them through the readiness process by asking a series of questions that change depending on their answers. We helped to set up the skip logic so that the questionnaire functioned properly. The web portion is in Nodejs and Angular, and the backend is in MongoDB.

We also helped build an automated system that allows end users to perform yearly audits, generate database and panic reports, and conduct privacy impact assessments. They helped us establish a variety of components that do the full cycle of the GDPR compliance framework. They built the system in the Amazon Web Services cloud, and it requires minimal intervention from our side. We installed help sections and glossaries that end users can access to answer their questions, making the product a self-service platform.

D8amatiks STORY:

The Seedling Regulation

With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a lot of confusion was afoot and, often, with confusion, come lots of learned friends who are happy to share their knowledge and “expertise” for a premium.  The problem, of course, is that 99% of businesses out there can’t afford premium fees (let alone really want to pay them).

The Birth of the Motto

And so, very early in January of the year MMXVII (2017 for those who wonder), one of our founders approached the rest of us and declared that the current state of affairs, with respect to the GDPR, was simply not fair and we needed to find a solution which, in some small way, would make the world a little bit fairer. We wanted to build something that would make data protection accessible and affordable for everyone.

The Cool and Super Simple Idea

This was how the concept of d8amatiks came to be. Initially, we thought we had found a very “cool and super simple idea”. This was to use an existing product (built for some other purpose), repurpose it slightly, and then use it to create simple questionnaires which would help small and medium sized businesses navigate their way through the GDPR labyrinth.  But, as you know, plans quite often don’t work out the way one initially envisions.

The Not-Eureka Exclamation

The actual concept of what you see now (well almost – we have changed quite a few things along the way) came about when two of the founders were enjoying a sunny, late afternoon stroll along the canal at Canary Wharf. The topic of discussion was the “cool and super simple idea”, and the conversation was taking a turn for the morose because both of them came to the inevitable conclusion that this “cool and super simple idea” was all but “cool” or “super simple”. At last, one of them exclaimed something that we shall not repeat (as it was not “Eureka!”) and then said: “let’s just build it ourselves”.  And, voila, d8amatiks proper was created and the fun really started.

“Data Protection Accessible and Affordable for Everyone” Becomes Reality

So, what started with a not-Eureka exclamation soon started to take shape.  We spent the next several evenings and weekends discussing, brainstorming and mind mapping ideas about how we could transform the motto into a usable product that really would tick all of the boxes i.e. something simple, effective, useful, of superior quality and, of course, affordable.  Once we had the concept and the general workflow figured out, we then spent months and months, having lots of debates and discussions and experiencing confusion, disappointment, enlightening moments, laughs, delays, not-Eureka exclamations, lack of sleep, drafting, coding, testing, going back to the drawing board; drafting, coding, and testing, going back to the drawing board; drafting, coding, and testing, going back to the drawing board (you get the picture)… until we finally declared our solution to be ready for the discerning public.