Happy Being App | Mental wellness

Happy Being is an outstanding, yet free self-improvement app for Android that is easily personalized to fit your needs and goals.
Student: Guided meditation tracks and activities designed to help overcome academic anxiety, and stay calm and focused. There are also various mind-body techniques to boost concentration, memory, performance and overcome blockers to help you perform at your best.
Job seeker: Meditation tracks and activities proven to help overcome past disappointments and improve self-esteem. Helps you discover your strengths, focus on them and overcome blockers. Instead of being a source of stress, the job search is transformed into a period of positivity and growth.
Working professional: Prolonged stress impacts health, relationships, and overall productivity.
Techniques and activities designed to reduce stress, improve productivity and create a rewarding, successful work life.
There are many more categories on the app to be explored and utilized for your self-improvement no matter what professional sphere you may be in.

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